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Series Further Evolved and Matured from Popular NVX5000 Series

The NVX5000 II series inherits excellent features of the existing NVX5000 series including slideways with high damping performance. The machining efficiency is improved by increasing the maximum spindle speed to 13,000 min-1. The high-rigidity slideways with high damping performance minimizes chattering during machining to realize high surface quality. The spindle rigidity is 20% improved by adopting the largest spindle inner diameter in its class of 80 mm for a No. 40 taper spindle and 120 mm for a No. 50 taper spindle. The robust construction and high-rigidity spindle enable machining of difficult-to-cut materials.

The NVX5000 II series offers three different machine models: the NVX5060 II, NVX5080 II and NVX5100 II with the X-axis travel of 600 mm, 800 mm and 1,050 mm, respectively. Each model can use a No. 40 or a No. 50 taper spindle. The HSC (High Speed Cutting) specification with a maximum spindle speed of 20,000 min-1 is also available for the machine with a No. 40 taper spindle. Customers can choose the ideal machines from nine different variations according to their workpiece sizes and materials.

The newly designed cover offers better accessibility, operability and visibility. The single door with a larger window allows operators to easily check the spindle center, machining points and interferences. Additionally, the position of the lower end of the front door has been lowered by 66 mm to improve access to the spindle and table. The external chip conveyor which is designed in-house (option) and is capable of handling any amount or shapes of chips also contributes to drastic improvement of productivity.


Each model can be equipped with the DDRT series, the MORI SEIKI-manufactured high-speed, high-precision rotary tables. The NVX5000 II series equipped with the DDRT (one additional axis specification) or 5AX-DDRT (two additional axes specification) realizes machining of complex-shaped workpieces that require simultaneous 4-axis and 5-axis control.

At JIMTOF 2012, the NVX5080 II will be equipped with our new technology ZEROCHIP®, which sucks powdery chips such as CFRP and ceramic for aircraft parts from the tool tip. Our effort to improve machining environment enhances maintainability and prevents potential health damage to operators.


  • Adopting slideways for all axes to realize high-rigidity structure.
  • Improving spindle rigidity by 20% by enlarging spindle inner diameters.
  • Offering three variations of the X-axis travels: 600/800/1,050 mm.
  • Improving reliability and productivity with the high performance chip conveyor designed in-house.
  • Realizing simultaneous 4-axis and 5-axis machining by installing high-speed, high-precision rotary table DDRT series (option).
  • Reducing standby power consumption by 21% compared to the existing models.

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