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Offering Machining Capability of Large Lathe and Accuracy of Small Lathe

The NLX4000 is the largest high-rigidity, high-precision CNC lathe of all the NLX series models with the largest through-spindle hole diameter and widest slideways in its class. Two types of models are available: A type with a 15-inch chuck size and through-spindle hole diameter of 145 mm and B type with a 18-inch chuck size and through-spindle hole diameter of 185 mm. Each model offers the MC type (with the milling function) and the Y type with the Y-axis travel of ±60 mm (the MC type and the Y-axis function), enabling high added value machining that combines turning and milling capabilities.

The new NLX series employs the MORI SEIKI’s original thermal displacement control method realized with various technologies including the one that circulates coolant inside castings. This reduces thermal displacement to less than one third. While being a large lathe, the NLX4000 achieves the accuracy level equivalent to that of small lathes.

As for guideways, the NLX4000 adopts slideways as with the existing model. The machine realizes high-rigidity and high damping performance by doubling the slideway width to endure reaction force of cutting during machining of large workpieces. The high-rigidity machine structure maximizes the high output spindle capability with a maximum output of 37 kW and a maximum spindle speed of 2,000 min-1(A type) and 1,500 min-1(B type).


The NLX4000 is equipped with BMT (Built-in Motor Turret), which minimizes heat generation and vibration and improves conductivity to significantly enhance cutting capability and speed, surface quality and accuracy.

The high-output BMT specification with a maximum torque of 100 N・m is also available as an option. The milling function is drastically improved compared to the existing model, allowing the use of a M30 tap.

The NLX4000 has a robust construction to enable high-efficiency machining of large workpieces in an installation area of 9.9 m2 which is the smallest in its class.

On the other hand, the machine provides a wide work envelop, allowing the strokes equivalent or longer compared to the existing model: 365 mm on the X-axis and 875 mm on the Z-axis. The slant bed with a tilt angle of 45° contributes not only to improving chip disposal but also to reducing the distance between the spindle center and the door opening to 367 mm. The NLX4000’s machine structure with a wide work envelop and improved accessibility is one of the outstanding features for lathes of the same class which require attaching and removing of large diameter workpieces.


  • The largest through-spindle hole diameter in its class: φ145 mm (A type), φ185 mm (B type)
  • The widest slideways in its class
  • High-torque BMT to realize the fastest torque in its class
  • The Y-axis travel: ±60 mm
  • MORI SEIKI’s original thermal growth compensation
  • Drastically improving chip disposal by adopting a slant bed with a tilt angle of 45° and offering better accessibility to the spindle and turret

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