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Multi-Axis Turning Center Equipped with the Y-axis Function for Long and Large Diameter Workpieces

The NZX4000 is a large multi-axis turning center that is equipped with a milling function on Turret 1 as standard and features a maximum turning diameter of ∅660 mm and a maximum turning length of 2,000 mm. Adopting slideways 50% wider than those on existing machines for all axes on the platform of a trapezoidal bed that resists flexure and twisting has improved machine rigidity by 50% over existing machines.

The spindle uses a belt-less, built-in motor structure with a 37/30 kW high-output motor as standard. The 11/7.5 kW motor for rotary tools are adopted for Turret 1 with milling capability that incorporates the BMT (Built-in Motor Turret) technology. The high machine rigidity and high-output motors double the turning capability and give a milling capability rivaling that of machining centers. The spindle motor and rotary tool motor are equipped with a cooling jacket, lessening the effects of thermal displacement on accuracy. The X-axes of Turret 1 and Turret 2 are equipped with scales as standard, achieving a positioning accuracy of 1.9 µm.

With the Y type the Y-axis function (stroke: ±70 mm) is featured, enabling multi-axis machining including key slot machining. The machine can make use of its high cutting capability and process integration to realize high-precision and high-efficiency machining of large-diameter, long workpieces such as shafts for aircraft jet engines, marine crankshafts, and pipes for the oil and energy industries.


The turning specification (L type) where Turret 1 is dedicated to turning is also available. Three choices of through-spindle hole diameter are available – type A at ∅145 mm, type B at ∅185 mm and type C at ∅285 mm – along with two choices of maximum turning length: 1,000 mm and 2,000 mm. So customers can select the model best suited to the workpieces they machine.

Unique to large lathes, there is also the oil well pipe machining specification (with a front chuck, rear chuck, work stopper and centering chuck), providing strong support for machining for the oil and energy industries.

The operation panel incorporates the “MAPPS IV” high-performance operating system. In addition to the automatic conversational programming function, it also comes with a user license for the ESPRIT® CAM software. This makes it easy to program the machining of complex geometries at a personal computer connected through a network to the machine.


  • Turret 1 features the Y-axis function and Built-in Motor Turret technology, giving machining centers a close run in terms of milling capabilities.
  • Three choices for the through-spindle hole (A: ∅145 mm, B: ∅185 mm, C: ∅285 mm)
  • Adopting a high-rigidity trapezoidal bed
  • Long, I.D. boring with the long boring bar possible (option)

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