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Full Lineup of the NLX Series Appearing at JIMTOF 2012 Equipped with “Mature” and “Evolved” BMT Technology

The full lineup of the NLX series of high-precision CNC lathes has been brought together for JIMTOF 2012. In addition to the already established NLX2500 with a 10-inch chuck, we are launching the new NLX1500 with a 6-inch chuck, NLX2000 with an 8-inch chuck, and NLX3000 with a 12-inch chuck. We are expanding the variations of the NLX series, which has been highly acclaimed since its announcement in 2010, in order to meet customer requirements.

In the new NLX series our original BMT (Built-in Motor Turret) technology has been further “evolved”, achieving a maximum rotational speed of 10,000 min-1. Despite the substantial increase in speed from the 6,000 min-1 on existing models, it takes a mere 0.45 seconds to accelerate up to 10,000 min-1, and this gives a powerful edge when machining aluminum and in machining with small-diameter drills. In addition, the “maturity” resulting from delivery of 12,000 units has made it possible to resolve the issues of vibration and heat generation that are the concern with high-speed machining at 10,000 min-1. Compared to a gear-driven turret, vibration is kept to less than a third, and the turret temperature rise to less than one tenth, giving a substantial improvement in terms of accuracy as well. These are precision turrets with the top performance in their class, having the same machining capability as those on machining centers. The high-precision, quick-change specification which gives mounting repeatability of 10 µm or better is also available as an option. This specification shortens tool changes and reduces setup time by up to 80%.



The NLX1500 and NLX2000 are available in four variations – the MC type (with the milling function), the Y type (MC type plus the Y-axis function), the SMC type (MC type plus Spindle 2), and the SY type (Y type plus Spindle 2), while the NLX3000 is available in three variations: turning, MC, and Y types. With a Y-axis travel of ±50 mm on the NLX1500 and NLX2000 and of ±60 mm on the NLX3000, these machines also support multi-axis machining.

The reliability and durability of the spindle have been increased by a whole series of improvements to ensure that it can be used for a long time with peace of mind. The front door has been lightened to reduce the burden on the operator during setup work. These machines are equipped with various characteristics and functions that make them easy to use, such as the extended tool overhang of 100 mm for O.D. cutting tools. We have created a highly reliable, “mature” machine by reflecting the requirements from customers relating to existing machines in every aspect.

Each model has inherited the characteristics of the existing machines and has adopted highly rigid slideways. The use of the slideways, with their high rigidity and excellent damping characteristics, makes it possible to achieve high surface quality even when machining difficult-to-cut material or in intermittent cutting, where chatter is likely to occur. MORI SEIKI’s original thermal displacement control has also been applied to achieve high accuracy. The amount of thermal displacement has been suppressed to one third of what it was, ensuring high-accuracy machining.

LEDs are used for the built-in worklight and the signal tower, cutting power consumption by at least 30% compared to existing machines. And the newly incorporated function that stops lubricating oil supply during standby has reduced the consumption of lubricating oil by 20% or more. This is a green design that considers reducing the load on the environment and cutting running costs.



  • Maximum rotary tool spindle speed of 10,000 min-1 achieved thanks to evolved BMT technology
  • Slideways adopted on all axes
  • Thermal displacement suppressed to one third by MORI SEIKI’s original thermal displacement control
  • Y-axis travel of ±50 mm (NLX1500, NLX2000) and ±60 mm (NLX3000)
  • Spindle durability and reliability improved by reflecting customers’ comments
  • Support for a variety of automation systems including bar feeders and gantry loaders

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